Salix Finance

Salix Finance

Raising capital for projects that cut energy consumption effectively is challenging for many public sector organisations.

M-Light International Ltd has the solution. It works with Salix Finance, an independent, publicly-funded company offering 100% interest-free capital loans to the public sector for projects that reduce energy costs through installation of modern, energy-efficient technologies.

Salix Finance funding is available to all public sector organisations including schools, higher and further education institutions, emergency services, hospitals, leisure centres, local authorities and the NHS.

An interest-free loan from Salix to provide capital for an energy efficiency project is an efficient, effective way to ease the strain on cash reserves.

To date, Salix has funded over 13,000 projects with 1,121 public sector bodies, valued at £375.8 million. This has saved the public sector £90. 6 million annually and £1.2 billion over the projects' lifetime.

M-Light International Ltd offers a complete Salix service to take away the pain.

We have a dedicated Salix bid team with a proven track record in securing funding from Salix Finance and we fully manage your Salix funded project, installing the very best energy saving technology, working on schedules that suit your needs.


Our experienced M-Light International Ltd Salix bid team can:

  • Discuss your requirements and options before the Salix application and evaluate the chances of your project being financed through Salix, saving you time and money
  • Discuss with you some of our recently completed Salix Finance energy efficiency projects and provide reference sites to enable you to independently evaluate M=Light
  • Undertake a thorough investigation of your existing energy consumption and use this data to calculate your annual costs and carbon footprint
  • Make a comprehensive site survey using our experienced electricians and lighting experts to identify the size and scope of the energy saving opportunity. This process is pivotal to ensure that everything adds up and that the project is financially viable
  • Create a bespoke solution for your organisation based on the best products, biggest savings and quickest return on investment
  • Produce a return on investment costing table highlighting your annual cost, energy savings and payback period that also demonstrates Salix Finance compliance
  • Write a detailed Salix business plan for all projects over £100K
  • Source appropriate products and schedule flexible installation times to suit the needs of your organisation, including evenings, overnight and weekends as appropriate
  • Complete all relevant electrical testing and BS compliance certification
  • Liaise with Salix Finance commercial team and Salix external technical evaluation team to assist you to get your project 'over the line'
  • Provide support via our in-house marketing and PR team to promote your project and generate case studies where appropriate