A true modern-day lighting control system that is faster, easier and without compromise

M-Light Control, what's the difference?

”It just works”

Simplest building control on the market

  • Works out of the box
  • Removes complication
  • Fixes contractor mistakes automatically
  • Built using a “Just works” philosophy
  • Simplest commissioning process

M-Light Control is modern lighting control

  • Full support and compliance for DALI and DALI version 2
  • Cloud connectivity for commissioning and monitoring
  • Automatic commissioning of standard features
  • Advanced programming and integration possible through web and mobile interfaces

M-Light Control is modern lighting control, with fully compliant and certified DALI and DALI version 2 (DALI V2) support as per IEC 62386. Built upon a "just works" philosophy, M-Light Control removes the complication associated with lighting control. Common issues associated with typical lighting control have been removed with the use of smart software and systems.

Industry issues and complications found in addressing, grouping and fault finding have been removed completely or drastically reduced. Integrating these features results in a system that can be delivered faster, with less risk and without compromise.

M-Light Control delivers on the technology promise of the future with:

  • Fast reliable lighting control
  • Dramatically reduced commissioning
  • Secure cloud connectivity
  • Full DALI compliance


Commission and setup buildings faster with M-Light Control.  With M-Light Control’s instant data technology, you are in control. Using the cloud or app interface, up to date data is streamed quickly, dramatically reducing commissioning time.


What is better than fast? Automatic. With M-Light Control automatic addressing, grouping, debugging and base build commissioning, many tasks are completed before the commissioning begins.


Smart data technology allows simultaneous multiple user access right down to a single light fitting. Multi-user technology allows quicker commissioning and better use of resources.

Grid View

Dramatically decrease building commissioning time by up to 100x with M-Light Grid view. Quickly change device settings on thousands of devices in seconds.  Cut and paste settings across floors, buildings or sites. It has never been quicker or easier.

Heuristic advice

M-Light Control advanced algorithms analyses the site and provides advice on potential issues, making it easier to identify problems, saving critical fault-finding time.

Risk Reduction

M-Light Control reduces commissioning time and removes a lot of mundane tasks, therefore reducing the risk associated with using a building management system.

The M-Light Control advantage
Control systems take a long time to set up and commission, the solution: M-Light Control does all the hard parts.
Task Previously (conservative) M-Light Control
Random addressing 5 – 10 + mins / 64 fittings Automatic
Scanning setting 2 – 10 mins depending on amount of data / 64 fittings Automatic
Readdressing new devices 2 + mins Automatic
Fixing address conflicts 2 + mins Automatic
Setup of switches and sensors 5 + mins Automatic
Grouping rooms 5 – 10+ mins / group Automatic
Syncing data changes 1 – 10+ mins depending on what is written Automatic

A modern building requires many building services to be connected.

M-Light Control makes integration easy with several supported methods:

  • BACnet over IP (client and server)
  • RS232 connections
  • Modbus over IP
  • Volt free I/O (low level triggers)
  • KNX over IP
  • Cloud based API

Additionally, as BACnet, Modbus and KNX support is at the application controller level, no additional controller between the lighting control system and BMS is required. This reduces cost, increases speed and removes the risk of a single point failure


M-Light Control takes security seriously and sets an unprecedented standard in lighting control.

Using outdated security implementations, other systems may not provide adequate protection now or into the future. Some systems use plain text UDP packets which allow for easy intrusion, while others are using encrypted multicast packets and obfuscation to keep you safe.


M-Light Control sets the standard in security with the use of industry proven and backed TLS 1.2. Transport layer security is not just encryption, but a complete security layer which comprises of secure technologies such as

SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). M-Light Control has ensured correct use of TLS1.2 and uses ciphers including AES256-GCM over TCP/IP protocols. M-Light Control security documentation is available on request.

Security by obscurity is not a secure practice.


Fast and reliable data interaction is very important in today’s control systems.

Guaranteeing that the data is fast and delivered reliably is critical to the well-being of the building.

M-Light Control is built on industry standard TCP/IP protocols rather than UDP. The M-Light Control packet handlers ensure correct handshaking and closed loop acknowledgements ensuring lights are controlled when they need to be and without compromise.


In today’s era, remote monitoring, building control, multi-site management and fast interaction are becoming mandatory requirements for building management systems.

M-Light Control Cloud is an enhancement to standard lighting control. While all M-Light Control buildings can operate without a cloud connection, adding cloud control provides a faster and more manageable solution.

Designed to be highly scalable the M-Light Control Cloud provides:

  • Faster commissioning
  • Advanced reporting
  • Plan view
  • Multi site management
  • User management
  • Secure remote maintenance
  • Data security and data retention
  • Installation verification reports
  • Backup and restoration
  • Power usage
  • Third party API integration
  • Emergency testing

Additionally, other features can easily be added and distributed from the cloud, which helps to future proof buildings as the industry requirements change.

Emergency testing

Emergency lighting is essential to illuminate work areas and escape routes when the power to normal lighting fails.

In most regions legislation demands that emergency lighting is regularly tested and maintained in full working order to ensure occupant safety should an emergency occur.

IEC 62386 Part 202, DALI device type 1, is one of the only emergency standards that exists which:

  • Is published as an international standard by a reputable body
  • Is peer reviewed
  • Has full testing specifications to which products can be certified as being compliant

M-Light Control allows building owners to break the areas into tenancies and allow individual tenancies to manage and maintain their own records, while also being able to audit the records of all tenants.

M-Light Control takes advantage of DALI compliant emergency lighting and can provide fast and correct testing.

Daylight Harvesting

Users requiring maximum energy savings can use natural light to offset artificial light usage. M-Light Control employs several products and techniques
which aid in reducing the setup time and increase the daylight linking accuracy.

Time based control / pro les

Changing the behavmior of lighting during different periods of the day is simple and easy with M-Light Control. The building can be set up to change profiles at various times to meet the requirements of after hours, normal hours and holidays. Additionally, an installer can schedule tasks to occur based on the time or proximity to sunrise or sunset.

Event based logic

Changing how a room or area performs based on event logic, such a room partition opening or closing, is easy with M-Light Control event-based logic. Event based logic allows dynamic changes to the actions performed from switch and sensor activity, directly from events triggered through other logic input devices. In the room partitioning application, this means when dividers are open, switches and sensors control all lights and when closed, only those in their relevant area.

Circadian rhythm

Light colour and intensity play important roles in human physiology. Recent studies have shown that distinct colour temperatures and intensity can trigger the body to create serotonin or melatonin. The ability to adjust the colour and intensity of light can be used to trigger these hormones and positively affect building occupants.


M-Light Control provides the ability to easily control light prescriptions in an environment to increase productivity and improve well-being.

C-Bus integration

Use C-Bus devices with the M-Light Control systems easily with the C-Bus automation controller. Integration allows easy mapping of M-Light Control objects to C-Bus events, or map C-Bus touch panels to control M-Light Control rooms and devices.

Occupancy based control

M-Light Control is designed for sensors, which allows simple, easy, and automatic setup of presence and absence control in basic installations. M-Light Control supports up to 63 sensors per DALI line and is ready for smart DALI luminaries. With per fitting occupancy control and light level compensation, energy savings and comfort can be easily increased.



Finding issues on site can be a cumbersome and time consuming task for any integrator. Use the M-Light Control Cloud to monitor real-time, detailed traffic on multiple application controllers simultaneously from any location. Our debugging tools allow you to diagnose,


Boardrooms, meeting spaces and other presentation areas commonly require the ability to change the lighting of individual or groups of luminaires to fit the requirements of the occupants. M-Light Control supports easily configurable scenes and accessories.

Workstation control

Individual workstation control is gaining traction for employers looking to increase employee comfort. M-Light Control personal USB interface is the perfect accessory to give employees individual room control without commissioning.

DALI and DALI version 2

Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that our products function as expected to ensure a consistent experience through the systems life cycle.

M-Light Control's automation and simple control is built on the functions and commands from the latest versions of the DALI standard. Full compliance with DALI standards ensures that connected devices function as expected to ensure a consistent experience through the system life cycle. The M-Light Control product range has been built for compliance with DALI and DALI version 2 (V2) with DiiA certification. DALI compliance is not just for M-Light Control systems. With a compliant device, commissioning, set up and everyday usage is more consistent and more reliable on all DALI control systems.

New updates to the DALI standards provide

Provision for full compliance and operation of

  • Occupancy sensors
  • Lightsensors
  • Input devices including sensors andswitches
  • Controlsystem
  • Power supplies


Additionally, the updated standards provide

  • Backwards compatibility with traditionalDALI
  • Full set of standards, test flows and testequipment andcertification


Advantages of DALI V2

  • Simpler wiring - one line for lighting, emergency, switches andsensors
  • Endorsed & compliant switch and sensordevices
  • Cross manufacturecompatibility
  • Lower over-allcosts
  • Published under IEC62386
  • Certification of the control systemcomponent

DALI version 2

The standards

IEC 62386 Description
Part 101 ed 2 System components
Part 102 ed 2 Control gear
Part 103 ed 1 Control devices
Part 202 Self-contained emergency lighting (device type 1)
Part 207 LED modules (device type 6)
Part 209 Colour change
Part 216 Load referencing
Part 217 Thermal gear information
Part 218 Dimming curve selection
Part 219 Power measurement
Part 220 Emergency DC
Part 301 Particular requirements – Input devices – Push buttons
Part 302 Particular requirements – Input devices – Absolute input devices
Part 303 Particular requirements – Input devices – Occupancy sensor
Part 304 Particular requirements – Input devices – Light sensor
Part 305 Colour sensor (upgradeable)

Traditional DALI lighting control

Data security

Data security is a critical issue in many currentlighting control systems. Most systems have poor data recovery plans and little to no softwareor physical security.

Many systems have data stored only on a single low-cost pc often located in a plant room with a single log in for all users. Virus, crypto lockers, ransomware, theft or damage to this computer can result in loss of emergency test records and the inability to monitor or administrate the system.

M-Light Control systems are stored on the cloud and follow industry standard security procedures

  • Data is backed up
  • Data is secured, both physically and digitally
  • Hardware maintenance is managed
  • Cloud services are spread amongst multiple fault tolerant remote servers.Changes are logged and audited
  • Incorrect or malicious changes can be identified and rolled back


M-Light Control cloud based data storage and control means that head end PCs, though available, are not required. As information does not need to be stored locally the risk of compromise is greatly reduced. All details of site setup, test results and remote management can be accessed from any pc by approved agents.

Product range

Room controller

M-Light Control room controller provides power distribution and automatic grouping via its 10 channel output. 10 SELV inputs allow the joining of rooms and manual lighting control. With support for up to three input power circuits the room controller can supply up to 3 x 10 A of resistive load. The room controller has a built-in DALI version 2 application controller, DALI power supply and system relay / emergency test contact.

PIR sensors

M-Light Control PIR and lux sensors are powered directly from the DALI line alongside mains powered DALI microwave and specialty sensors. All M-Light Control sensors are compliant to IEC 62386 - 303 and can be used with any compliant DALI application controller. 5 and 8 m PIR models also provide ambient light level detection and colour sensing (with software upgrade).

DALI switch

M-Light Control DALI switch has been designed for mounting behind lighting control panels allowing the use of standard mains rated switches for DALI control. The switch is powered directly from the DALI line and has two configurable connections with either functioning as a switch input or LED indicator. DALI compliance to IEC 62386 -301 enables the DALI switch to be used with any compliant application controller.

DALI relay

M-Light Control DALI relay suits the standard 35 mm DIN rail and can be mounted within a distribution board. The 10 A volt free mains rated relay output is rated for 40,000+ operations. DALI device type 7 compliant per IEC 62386 - 208 ensures compatibility across DALI control systems.

DALI power supply

M-Light Control DALI power supply powers the DALI line with up to 235 mA of line loading at 16.5V. The supply is protected against short circuit, over voltage and thermal overload fault conditions. Distribution board mountable on standard 35mm Din rail provides simple mounting and installation. Compliance to DALI version 2 IEC 62386 -101 ed 2 helps ensure timings and signalling is robust and reliable.

DALI application controller

M-Light Control application controller provides many of the same features as the room controller in a DIN mount package. An application controller can be used when all devices are to be controlled together, for lines of emergency fittings and applications where some manual commissioning is acceptable.