About Us

About us

M-Light International Ltd has offices in The Netherlands (Head Office), Belgium, United Arab Emirates, China and the United Kingdom with further offices being opened across Europe.

We work closely with our clients from initial project inception to sign off, M-Light has over 20 years` experience, knowledge and a dedicated team to support our customers with every aspect of their lighting requirements. Working with our customers from the initial design stage allows us to utilise our in-house combined expertise to ensure the right product selection, architectural design layouts which fit the design concept vision. We understand the importance and impact lighting has to a project, we value and care about each of our customers on an individual level. It’s important to us that our partnership is not seen as just another supplier but an extension to your team.

In today's extremely dynamic and constantly expanding market, we try to not only keep our eye on the big picture, but also always to act with the future in mind. To be on the same wavelength as our customers as well as to think ahead, to generate new momentum and to set new standards: this is the approach we use to develop ideal lighting solutions for various application areas such as industry, retail, education and health, offices, roads, pathways and pedestrianised areas and because every project is different, our responses are always client focused.

Our Mission

Designing and producing unique, high-tech, energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions by “Life is Light” philosophy-oriented team; creating functional, adaptable and efficient lighting solutions by using these unique lighting solutions and becoming a recognised global brand working with “Efficient Lighting” principles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of innovative and sustainable lighting solutions for professional customers, providing the best specialist LED lighting products and services. The first choice of lighting solutions, every day, everywhere, through excellence in products, processes and in application management.

Our Values

Our customers are the start and end point of all our actions. We want to provide our customers with unique products to improve their quality of life (lighting for life) and with perceptible added value (value added lighting). Our product price-performance ratio for our current and future customers is the focus our product development. In dealing with our customers we are authentic, clear, precise and definite.

Our employees are the foundation of our success. We expect our employees to identify strongly with our vision, mission, our business purpose and our goals. Our employees should distinguish themselves through humour, initiative which radiates to others, constructive joyful will, sense of community, looking forward to the future, a positive attitude to the diversity of life and a loving attitude towards people and cultures. We learn from mistakes and take them as an opportunity for continuous improvement. For high performance and successful work, we offer challenging tasks, training opportunities and adequate remuneration.

Our company is characterized by genuinely global and cultural diversity. We have employees, customers and partners in almost every continent. Together we form a unique network. It is characterized by the exchange of knowledge, intercultural cooperation and individual development opportunities. As a global company and local citizen, we maintain an intense social dialogue. We gain ideas and insights, and we encourage understanding and trust. Particularly important to us is the promotion of education and science. We are in close contact to relevant universities and colleges in the world.

Our suppliers are important partners in innovation. With them, we want to maintain long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success. With selected suppliers we want to form strategic partnerships to strengthen our competitive position and create lasting value for our customers.

We respect our competitors and welcome any comparison of our products. In the competition we want to stand out through better and unique products. Where necessary, we will cooperate with our competitors.

Our innovation is based on the continuous renewal of products and processes, creative system solutions for the customer and the broad potential of LED lighting technology. Innovations determine our business success and provide answers to many challenges of our time. In LED lighting technology, we are constantly seeking further solutions that save resources and protect our natural foundations of life at the same time. It is always our goal to make the everyday life of the individual and social life easier, safer and more comfortable and to contribute to a better world for present and future generations.

Our products should contribute demonstrably to an increased quality of life while conserving the scarce resources of our environment. Our products convince with easy specification and application, outstanding performance in the application, easy installation, maintenance and resource-friendly disposal at end of life. Our products contribute to saving energy and scarce resources through high efficiency and long service lives.
We are one team.

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